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What’s on at Lord Howe Island?

Lord Howe Island Bird Week

Lord Howe Island is known as one of Australia’s top destinations for bird watching. Bird watching is a fun activity no matter what time of year you travel on Lord Howe Island holiday packages, but the real bird enthusiasts will have the most fun during Bird Week. Learn all about Lord Howe Island’s bird species by attending lectures, joining guided walks to see the local bird colonies, and attending wildlife photography sessions. Book Lord Howe Island accommodation and flight packages in mid-November to take part in the Bird Week events.

Lord Howe Island Discovery Day

Discovery Day celebrates the island’s discovery in 1788, and it’s one of the most exciting times of year to travel on Lord Howe Island holiday packages. Both locals and visitors use the day to celebrate the history and culture of Lord Howe Island. Enjoy fresh seafood at the traditional island fish fry, then watch or join in on family-friendly activities including track and field events and a slow bike race. Take a look at Lord Howe Island accommodation and flight packages for travel in mid-February as Discovery Day falls on 17 February.

Lord Howe Island Rockfest

The annual Rockfest concert series brings an extra buzz of excitement to the normally tranquil island. Rockfest takes place over a week and includes a line-up of free concerts and evening entertainment. Visitors can attend a classic rock street party, watch live music on the beach, and see a fireworks display at the end of the week. Join in on the excitement of Rockfest by booking your Lord Howe Island packages for travel in early autumn.


What are the top tips for travelling with children to Lord Howe Island?

Feed Fish at Ned’s Beach

Ned’s Beach is a favourite among families who visit Lord Howe Island. The water is calm, making it perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Wade into the water and you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by colourful schools of fish. Get a handful of fish food from a dispenser on the beach, and the fish can eat right from your hand. Keep in mind that you should only feed them the provided fish food as giving them scraps of human food can be harmful. Ned’s Beach is also home to a nice fringing coral reef. Between the fish and the coral, it’s an excellent spot to go snorkelling while holidaying on Lord Howe Island packages.

Take a glass bottom boat tour

Lord Howe Island is surrounded by coral reefs and marine wildlife. One of the best ways to see them up close is to book onto a glass bottom boat tour after purchasing Lord Howe Island holiday packages. The water around Lord Howe Island has great visibility, so you can look forward to seeing plenty of colourful coral reefs, fish, and some sea turtles. Several tour operators run glass bottom boat tours out of Lord Howe Island and some also accompany the boat ride with guided snorkelling.

Hike Malabar Hill

Head to the top of Malabar Hill to take in some of the best views you’ll find while holidaying on Lord Howe Island packages. You can hike directly to the summit in about 30 minutes or spread your walk out over a couple hours by enjoying the various walking trails around Malabar Hill. The walk takes you through dense forests and includes plenty of bird watching opportunities. The view from the top looks out over the neighbouring Admiralty Islands and the volcanic peaks of Mount Gower and Mount Lidgbird. Plan your hike around sunrise or sunrise for views that are especially breathtaking.


What is the best way to get around Lord Howe Island?

Each of the hotels and accommodations on Lord Howe Island offers free airport transfers for guests. Once you’re checked into your hotel, there are a few options available to help you get around. Lord Howe Island is relatively small and compact – about 11 kilometres (6.8 miles) long by two kilometres (1.3 miles) wide at its widest point. Many visitors holidaying on Lord Howe Island packages choose to get around by bike. Bike rentals are available across the island, and some hotels and accommodation on Lord Howe Island also offer complimentary access to bikes for their guests. It’s also easy to get around the island on foot. Rental cars aren’t too common on Lord Howe Island but they’re an option you can look into after booking Lord Howe Island holiday packages, particularly if anyone in your group is elderly or has any mobility issues.