Uluru Ayers Rock

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What are the best things to do in Uluru/Ayers Rock?

Uluru Base Walk

The most popular way to take in the sights of Ayers Rock is the Uluru Base Walk. This walking trail passes multiple landmarks along a 10-kilometre route. Visitors holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock packages can see spots like Mutitjulu Waterhole, Kantju Gorge, and Kuniya Piti while completing the base walk. There are also several rock art galleries to see around the base of Uluru. Consider taking a guided tour for some extra insight into local history and the importance of the rock for the Anangu people.

Field of Light

Field of Light surrounds Uluru and creates a garden of more than 50,000 purple, blue, green, and yellow lights after the sun goes down. There are several ways to experience Field of Light after booking Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages: take a self-guided tour, enjoy canapes and drinks while wandering through the Field of Light, or make a reservation for the popular Sounds of Silence dinner that combines a three-course meal and entertainment with views of the installation.

Kata Tjuta

Travellers who book Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages can also access Kata Tjuta. This impressive landmark consists of a series of large domes in the same rust-red colour as Uluru. The best way to explore Kata Tjuta is through hiking. The 7.4-kilometre Valley of the Winds Walk is a popular hike, and the 2.6-kilometre Walpa Gorge Walk also takes visitors past some impressive sights.

View Sunrise and Sunset

An early wake-up is worth it to see the fiery red glow over Uluru. Watch the breathtaking sunrise over the rock, then return in the evening to watch the sunset as well. Visitors holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock packages can enjoy gorgeous sunrise and sunset views over both Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

When is the best time to visit Uluru/Ayers Rock?

There are two primary seasons to keep in mind when booking Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages: cool season and hot season.

The cool season between May and September is the most popular time to travel on Uluru/Ayers Rock accommodation and flight packages. Daytime temperatures range from about 20° to 30°C with little to no rain. Nighttime temperatures can dip to around 1°C, so bring some warm clothes if travelling on Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages during this season. This is the best time of year for hiking, and you can see wildflowers in bloom around the park in August and September. The cool season is the busiest time to visit, so lock in your hotel and accommodation in Uluru/Ayers Rock early for the best rates.

The period between October and April comes with very hot weather. Daytime temperatures regularly exceed 35°C, and there are occasional lightning storms. These storms and waterfalls that form on the sides of Uluru as a result of the rainfall can be an impressive sight. Travellers holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock packages during the hot season need to plan ahead before hiking. Always carry plenty of water and sunscreen, and start hikes early in the morning – many trails often close after 11am. Fewer travellers head to Uluru in the hot season, so it’s possible to find good deals on hotels and accommodation in Uluru/Ayers Rock.

What is the best way to get around Uluru/Ayers Rock?

Hiring a car is the best way to make your way around while holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock packages. You can reserve a car through Webjet after booking Uluru/Ayers Rock accommodation and flight packages. Consider hiring a 4WD if you’re looking to access some unsealed roads around Uluru and venture off the main tourist route. You can also use a 4WD to drive along the iconic Red Centre Way toward Kings Canyon.

Ayers Rock Resort offers free transfers to and from the airport for guests flying with Qantas, Virgin Australia and Jetstar. There’s also a free shuttle bus that transports guests around the resort. Stops include Resort Town Square, the Visitor Centre, Uluru Camel Farm, and each of the hotels and accommodations in Uluru/Ayers Rock. Keep in mind that this free shuttle doesn’t go into the national park, so you’ll need to think about additional transport when booking Uluru/Ayers Rock holiday packages. The shuttle runs about every 20 minutes between 10:30am and 12:30am.

The Uluru Hop-On Hop-Off bus is another option to consider when holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock accommodation and flight packages. Visitors holidaying on Uluru/Ayers Rock packages can either purchase a single return trip between their hotel and Uluru or Kata Tjuta or purchase Hop-On Hop-Off passes for one, two, or three days.