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What are Canada’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Banff National Park

Canada is teeming with picture-perfect national parks to discover when you book Canada holiday packages, and Banff is one of the most iconic. Banff National Park covers about 6,500 square kilometres in Alberta. It’s nestled into the Canadian Rocky Mountains and is home to a stunning array of peaks, hiking trails, wildlife, and glacial lakes. Must-see spots include Moraine Lake, Icefields Parkway, and Johnston Canyon. Make the most of your time in Banff National Park by setting aside about three to four days to spend there while holidaying on Canada packages. Banff is also a quick car journey from two of Alberta’s other famous attractions: Jasper National Park and Lake Louise.

Niagara Falls

The famous Niagara Falls is located on the border between Ontario and New York, but the Canadian side is widely thought to have the best views of the Falls. Niagara Falls is made up of three smaller cascades: Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Head to the lookout point behind Table Rock Welcome Centre for an excellent view of all three. Travellers visiting Niagara on Canada holiday packages can also get up close to the base of the Falls by joining onto a boat tour. Niagara Falls is an excellent side-trip to take if you’ll be spending time in Toronto while holidaying on Canada packages.

Chateau Frontenac

Chateau Frontenac is a famous building located in Old Quebec. It towers over the city and features intricate architecture that mimic the castles of France’s Loire Valley. Chateau Frontenac operates as a hotel, but is also open for the public to admire its breathtaking architecture and collection of artefacts that date back about 400 years. Guided tours are available for extra insight into the history of Chateau Frontenac. For an extra special experience, consider renting a room at the Chateau Frontenac when booking your Canada accommodation and flight packages. Rooms and suites in the beautiful Chateau are available to book through Webjet.

What is the best way to get around Canada?

Canada is home to more than 500 airports, so it’s incredibly easy to get around by plane while holidaying on Canada packages. Major airports include Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton, but there are also small regional airports all around the country. Find great domestic flight deals with Webjet after booking your Canada holiday packages.

Public transport is widely available if you book hotels and accommodation in Canada’s cities. There are metro systems in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver and trams in Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton. Travellers holidaying on Canada packages can also catch public buses around each of Canada’s major cities.

Once you leave the city centres and tourist hubs, public transport is harder to come by, so hiring a car is an excellent option. Reserve a car with Webjet while booking your Canada accommodation and flight packages. Having access to a car will let you visit the smaller towns and villages off the beaten path and take the time to explore Canada’s iconic national parks. Make sure to request winter tires if you’re heading into the mountains or you book Canada holiday packages between November and March; you'll need to the extra grip for traction when driving on wet roads or through snow.

When is the best time to visit Canada?

Temperatures and weather vary based on where you go in Canada, but you’ll typically see the best weather by booking Canada holiday packages for a summer getaway. Daytime temperatures around the country typically range between 22° and 26°C with slightly cooler weather on the west coast. Summer is the high season, both in the cities and national parks. Lock in your hotel and accommodation in Canada early for the best price.

Canada is notorious for its cold and snowy winters. East Coast cities like Toronto see temperatures from about -7° to 0°C while Vancouver on the west coast is milder with temperatures averaging between 3° and 7°C. Mountain cities like Edmonton get especially cold, with temperatures hitting as low as -15°C with plenty of snow. However, the cold weather and snow make winter an excellent time to book Canada accommodation and flight packages if you love to ski. Ski resorts get busy in winter, but you’ll find small crowds and the year’s lowest rates on hotel and accommodation in Canada’s urban areas.

Both autumn and spring enjoy a hybrid between nice weather and manageable crowds. Plan for daytime temperatures between 10° and 20°C in most parts of Canada and cooler temps of around 5° to 15°C in the mountains. Nighttime can still get brisk, so pack warm layers if you book Canada packages during these periods. Autumn foliage and spring blooms also mean you’ll enjoy extra beauty in Canada’s national parks.