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What are the best things to do in Beijing?

Forbidden City

Spending time at the Forbidden City is top of the list for many travellers who book Beijing holiday packages. It was built in the early 15th century under the Ming Dynasty and housed 24 emperors between 1420 and 1912. The complex is home to 980 unique buildings and holds the record as the world’s largest imperial palace. There are dozens of things to see within Forbidden City while you’re holidaying on Beijing accommodation and flight packages. The most notable is the Palace Museum and other important landmarks include Treasure Gallery, Hall of Supreme Harmony, and Meridian Gate.

Summer Palace

Historically, China’s imperial families spent most of their time in the Forbidden City but as summer heat descended on Beijing, they preferred to retreat to gardens and nature on the city’s outskirts. The building of the Summer Palace was commissioned in 1750 under the Qing Dynasty and served as summer residence to several emperors. Today, it’s one of the most popular attractions for visitors who book Beijing holiday packages. The palace itself is beautiful, but the gardens are the main highlight. The gardens were designed to display harmony between different aspects of nature. Visitors holidaying on Beijing packages can take boat rides on Kunming Lake, walk the lakeside Long Corridor, and see traditional performances at a restored al fresco theatre.

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square is a must-visit for travellers holidaying on Beijing packages. It’s one of the largest public squares in the world, and it became one of the most significant places in contemporary Chinese history after a series of protests in 1989. Several major landmarks surround Tiananmen Square, including the Gate of Heavenly Peace, National Museum of China, and Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from the famous Forbidden City, so travellers visiting China on Beijing holiday packages often opt to visit both landmarks on the same day.

What is the cost of visiting Beijing?

Four-star hotels and accommodation in Beijing’s central areas typically cost about $150 to $200 NZD per night. However you’ll find even cheaper deals by bundling your hotel and airfare with Webjet’s Beijing packages. Travellers holidaying on Beijing accommodation and flight packages can also find luxury hotels and budget-friendly options that start from about $40 NZD.

Transportation is another aspect to budget for after booking your hotel and accommodation in Beijing. The Airport Express Line costs 25 yuan ($5.40 NZD) from Beijing Capital Airport, and the train from Beijing New Airport into the city costs 20 yuan ($4.30 NZD). Public transport is widely available to those holidaying on Beijing packages, and fees are often charged based on distance travelled. The subway has a base fare of 3 yuan (64 cents NZD) for short journeys, and increases to a maximum of 9 yuan ($1.95 NZD). Beijing buses cost 2 yuan (45 cents NZD) to ride.

There are countless attractions you can look into after booking Beijing holiday packages. Entrance to the Forbidden City costs 60 yuan ($12.90 NZD) between April and October and 40 yuan ($8.60 NZD) between November and March. Basic entrance to the Summer Palace costs 30 yuan ($6.45 NZD) and includes access to the palace and most areas. You can also book an all-inclusive ticket for 60 yuan ($12.90 NZD) which allows you to visit more areas like the Wechang Gallery and Garden of Virtue and Harmony. A day trip to the Great Wall of China is on the to-do list for many visitors holidaying on Beijing accommodation and flight packages. Tour prices vary but typically cost between 500 and 1000 yuan ($107.65 and $215.30 NZD). You might also budget in trips to other destinations, such as Shanghai, Xi'an and Jinan. You can travel by land or book domestic flights out of one of Beijing's major airports. 

When is the best time to visit Beijing?

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to book Beijing holiday packages if you’re after nice weather. Daytime temperatures can reach about 25°C in late spring and early autumn, and dip into the teens for much of the seasons. There’s not much rain in spring or autumn, and the crowds aren’t too large.

Summer is high season and the time when you’ll come across the largest crowd numbers and priciest hotel rates. Come prepared for hot and humid weather if you book Beijing packages in the summer as there’s a good amount of rain and daytime temperatures of about 30°C.

Consider a winter holiday if you’re looking to avoid crowds and make the most of the lowest rates on hotels and accommodation in Beijing. Bring warm layers as daytime temperatures average between 2° and 5°C and the evenings regularly fall to about -8°C. The winter also sees some snow and an increase in air pollution. Chinese New Year is the exception to winter’s status as low season – the major holiday brings in large crowds of both domestic and international travellers.