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What are the best places to stay in Malaysia?

Kuala Lumpur

Do you love the hustle and bustle of big cities? Consider basing yourself in the exciting city of Kuala Lumpur when booking Malaysia holiday packages. KL is extremely diverse and has something to offer all different types of travellers – historic landmarks, modern and traditional architecture, an amazing food scene, shopping, a range of museums, and vibrant nightlife. Its central location in Malaysia and access to the country’s main airport make it a great starting point before venturing to the highlands or coast of Malaysia. Top Kuala Lumpur attractions to visit while holidaying on Malaysia packages are the Petronas Towers, National Mosque of Malaysia and Batu Caves.


Make plans to stay in Penang to discover another side to the country while you holiday with Malaysia accommodation and flight packages. Penang is an island just offshore from northern Malaysia, and George Town is its main hub. Penang is ideal for travellers who enjoy cities but are looking for a slower pace than busy KL. It’s also home to some of Malaysia’s most beautiful beaches. There’s a fascinating culture to experience while visiting Penang on Malaysia holiday packages, especially in George Town. You can enjoy an incredible food scene, historic landmarks, and colourful street art on every corner. Head outside of George Town to lounge on the beaches and enjoy scenic hikes. Top things to do in Penang include Kek Lok Si Temple and Fort Cornwallis.

The Cameron Highlands

Are you looking to take in scenic rural landscapes while holidaying on Malaysia packages? Then the Cameron Highlands could be the perfect destination for you. The highlands make up a hilly mountainous region about halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The Cameron Highlands are particularly known for their tea production. Visit various plantations to taste their teas and also be treated to sweeping views across lush green hills. The region is also dotted with farms where you can pick your own strawberries. As well as tea and fruit, the Cameron Highlands are home to gorgeous hiking trails and landmarks like Sam Poh Temple and Mah Meri Art Gallery. The high elevation also means you’ll encounter cooler temperatures and less humidity in the Cameron Highlands than you will in other regions you visit with Malaysia holiday packages.

What is the best way to get around Malaysia?

Cheap domestic flights are an excellent way to see the country while travelling on Malaysia holiday packages. Have a look at flights on Webjet after booking your hotels and accommodation in Malaysia. Popular destinations you can fly between include Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi, and Kuching. Headed somewhere without a major airport? Chances are you can get there by a train or coach journey.

Taxis are another option to keep in mind when planning your trip with Malaysia accommodation and flight packages. Taxis are widely available across the country and are a great way to get across town or catch a ride from the airport to your hotel and accommodation in Malaysia. Long-distance taxis and private drivers are also options to reach a new city or region.

Public transport is available, particularly if you’re booking Malaysia packages to visit the major cities or tourist hubs. Kuala Lumpur is home to trains called the MRT, a light rail called the LRT, a monorail, and plenty of bus routes. Penang is also widely covered by public transport, including free buses in George Town and a ferry connecting Penang to the mainland. Other popular areas such as Malacca and Kuching also have public buses available to visitors holidaying on Malaysia packages.

What should I pack for Malaysia?

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, and many locals dress conservatively. For your visit, opt for loose-fitting clothes that don’t show too much skin if you’re looking to blend in with the locals while holidaying on Malaysia accommodation and flight packages. Pack some lightweight pants or longer shorts, flowy dresses and skirts, and loose-fitting t-shirts. Much of Malaysia is hot and humid year round, but a jacket and pair of jeans comes in handy if you’ll be visiting the highlands where temperatures cool down at night.

Comfortable walking shoes are essential for visitors who book Malaysia holiday packages. Bring along comfortable sandals for the cities and beaches and a sturdier pair of shoes for hiking in the highlands.

Are you planning to spend time at the beach while holidaying on Malaysia packages? A strong reef-safe sunscreen is a must, as well as swimsuits and a cover-up to throw on while you’re out of the water.

Pack a plug adapter to make sure you can charge up your electronics at your hotel and accommodation in Malaysia. Malaysia uses plug type G.