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What are the best things to do in the Maldives?

Dive Banana Reef

If scuba diving is on your list of things to do while holidaying on Maldives packages, check out tours to Banana Reef. The reef is located north of Male and has a signature crescent shape, which led to its name. The marine area is sheltered by cliffs and is home to vibrant coral and tropical fish. It’s possible to snorkel above the Banana Reef, but donning a scuba suit and seeing it up close is an experience unlike anything else. Exploring Banana Reef is one of the best things to do when you book Maldives holiday packages. 

Spend a day exploring Male

Male is the capital and largest city in the Maldives. It serves as urban contrast to the country’s resort islands. There are good restaurants and shops, as well as oceanside parks and markets. Some of the best places to visit in Male include the National Museum, Grand Friday Mosque, and Sultan Park. Male is close to the country’s main international airport, making it easy to fit in at the start or end of your itinerary when you book Maldives holiday packages.

Go dolphin- and whale-watching

More than 20 species of dolphins and whales call the waters of the Maldives home, and the best way to see them while holidaying on Maldives packages is by hopping on a boat and taking a tour. Several operators offer cruises to help visitors spot dolphin and whale populations in their natural habitat. The clear blue water around the islands makes the Maldives perfect for dolphin- and whale-watching. For an extra scenic experience, look into sunset tours when you book Maldives accommodation and flight packages. 

What should I know before visiting the Maldives?

You can spend a day on your own private island

Of the 1,200 islands that make up the Maldives, only about 200 are inhabited. Some of the other islands are used for agriculture, while others are designated as ‘picnic beaches’ for tourists. If you’re looking for an indulgent excursion when you book Maldives holiday packages, consider booking one of these secluded islands for a day. Have a relaxing picnic on a beach and make the most of having a picture-perfect isle all to yourself. It makes an especially romantic activity if you book Maldives accommodation and flight packages for a honeymoon or loved-up getaway.

Visitors can’t wear swimsuits at all local beaches

While wearing more revealing swimsuits at your hotel and accommodation in the Maldives is completely fine, consideration needs to be taken if you are planning on leaving the resort for any day trips or excursions - especially if your destination is to a smaller village or island. Local culture in the Maldives leans to more conservative practices and Western-style swimwear isn’t always appropriate. Seek out beaches that are designated as bikini-friendly while holidaying on Maldives packages if you really can’t do without an evenly-topped tan. 

Some islands use different time zones

There’s only one official time one in the Maldives, which is GMT+5. However there are some islands that are an hour ahead, and this is important to check when you book Maldives accommodation and flight packages. Some resort islands set their clocks an hour ahead of the capital Male as a way to give their guests an extra hour of daylight. Make sure you’re on time for tours and ferries by double checking the time for your hotel and accommodation in the Maldives.

What is the cost of visiting the Maldives?

A trip to the Maldives can range anywhere from budget-friendly to all-out luxury, depending on what you’re after. For an archetypal experience, consider booking an overwater bungalow for your Maldives packages. Overwater bungalows are available at many resorts, although tend to be a more expensive style of room. If you’d prefer hotel and accommodation in the Maldives that doesn’t hit the budget so hard, look to rooms located along the beach or in the property’s lush gardens. 

There are incredible coral reefs to see when you book Maldives holiday packages. Many resorts offer free snorkelling gear for guests to use, especially if your stay has a house reef or private beach. Some resorts may also offer guided snorkelling or diving tours, for those wanting to discover the underwater world while travelling on Maldives packages. Budget about 1,100 Maldivian rufiyaa for a snorkelling tour and 2,000 rufiyaa for a diving tour. 

There are also plenty of things to do away from the water. Tickets to the National Museum in Male cost 100 rufiyaa and the Grand Friday Mosque is free to visit outside prayer times.

Keep in mind that tax isn’t included in some advertised prices. You’ll need to pay a 12% TGST (Tourism Goods and Services Tax) on most items while travelling on Maldives holiday packages. An extra 10% service charge is also added when you receive services, such as at restaurants and cafes.