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What’s on in Noumea?

Les Nuits des Musées

Museums all across New Caledonia open their doors to nighttime visitors for a couple evenings each year. Visitors holidaying on Noumea packages during that time can take tours, view special exhibits, attend workshops, listen to live music, and more. Popular Noumea museums to take part in the event include Musée de la Ville and Musée de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale. Have a look at hotels and accommodation in Noumea in mid-May to attend Les Nuits des Musées events.

Bastille Day

New Caledonia is part of French Polynesia, so travellers who book Noumea holiday packages in mid-July can take part in the French national holiday. Bastille Day commemorates the storming of the Bastille in Paris in 1789 – the event that marked the start of the French Revolution. Travellers who book Noumea accommodation and flight packages in line with Bastille Day can look forward to an exciting program of events like fireworks, a parade, and a dance party in Place de la Marne. Book your hotel and accommodation in Noumea for the days surrounding 14 July if you’d like to celebrate Bastille Day.

Noumea Carnival

Noumea Carnival is one of New Caledonia’s largest annual events, and it’s an exciting time to travel on Noumea holiday packages. A parade of elaborately-designed floats and festival goers in colourful clothing take to the streets to celebrate a blend of different cultures, including Polynesian and Brazilian. There’s also live music and dancing, and the night ends with a firework display. Book your Noumea accommodation and flight packages for travel in September to attend Carnival. Also book your hotel and accommodation in Noumea early as it’s a popular time to visit, and hotels may book out.


What are the best things to do in Noumea?

Maritime Museum of New Caledonia

Learn all about local maritime history by planning a visit to this museum after booking Noumea holiday packages. The Maritime Museum of New Caledonia, also called the Musée Maritime de Nouvelle-Calédonie, showcases more than 8,000 historic artefacts, many of which were collected from shipwrecks around French Polynesia. Visitors holidaying on Noumea packages can learn about these shipwrecks as well as the history of local trade and European colonisation in New Caledonia. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, and entrance costs 500 francs ($7 NZD).

Amédée Lighthouse

Amédée Lighthouse is located on a small island off the coast of Noumea, and it holds the honour of being one of the tallest metal lighthouses in the world. Construction of the lighthouse took place in Paris before making the long boat journey to Amédée Island where it stands today. Visitors holidaying on Noumea packages can catch a 40-minute boat to the island, then climb 247 steps to the top of the lighthouse. A 360-degree view looks out over a bright blue lagoon, peaks on the mainland, and a portion of the New Caledonia Barrier Reef.

Île aux Canards

Head to Île aux Canards for a day of snorkelling, swimming, and lounging on the beach while holidaying on Noumea packages. The tiny island is located just five minutes by taxi boat from the Anse Vata neighbourhood in the south of Noumea. Visitors can relax on deckchairs around the perimeter of the island or book a VIP covered lounge. Snorkelling gear is available to hire on Île aux Canards, and a snorkelling trail around the island showcases some of the prettiest reefs you’ll come across while visiting New Caledonia with Noumea holiday packages.


What should I pack for Noumea?

Casual clothing and swimwear are essentials to pack when preparing to depart on Noumea holiday packages. Bring along shorts, t-shirts, sundresses, and swimsuits to wear during the day as well as jeans and a jumper to wear when it cools down at night. Sunglasses and a hat also come in handy for the sunny days and beach trips you’ll enjoy while holidaying on Noumea packages. In terms of footwear, sandals are perfect for most occasions and a pair of sturdy shoes is essential if you’re hoping to do some hiking around New Caledonia.

Pack a strong sunscreen alongside your normal toiletries. Choose a reef-safe option that won’t cause harm to the coral reefs of French Polynesia.

Bring along a plug adapter to charge your electronics while holidaying on Noumea accommodation and flight packages. New Caledonia uses plug type F. A waterproof phone case or underwater camera also comes in handy to snap photos of the colourful coral you’ll see while swimming or snorkelling around Noumea.