Escape with Tahiti holiday packages

What are the best things to do in Tahiti?

La Plage de Maui

If you’re looking to visit an idyllic Polynesian beach, La Plage de Maui is the perfect place to go. Many beaches around Tahiti have volcanic black sand, while this spot boasts a wide stretch of bright white sand. La Plage de Maui also has clear blue water that contrasts beautifully with the pearly white sand and bright green rainforests. The clear and shallow waters are great for those wanting to snorkel on Tahiti holiday packages.

Faarumai Waterfalls

The Faarumai Waterfalls are some of the most picture-perfect cascades to discover while holidaying on Tahiti packages. This series of three waterfalls is located in northern Tahiti. Hike down the trail that begins at the parking lot and you’ll reach the waterfalls in about 20 minutes. The views of the waterfalls are always beautiful, but especially during wet season when extra water is added to the cascade.

Vaipahi Gardens

The Vaipahi Gardens are a utopia of tropical plants. The gardens are located just outside the town of Mataiea and are easily accessible from hotels and accommodation in Tahiti’s south. The gardens have more than 75 plant species from around the world, many of which are native to Tahiti. Walking trails and rivers wind their way through the Vaipahi Gardens.

What’s on in Tahiti?

Heiva i Tahiti

In the early 1800s, the conservative King Pomare II banned all forms of dance as well as some other types of entertainment. Tight restrictions on dancing remained in place until 1881, when Bastille Day was first celebrated in French Polynesia. Celebrations and festivities took place across Tahiti, and over the years the holiday transformed into Heiva i Tahiti. This annual festival celebrates Tahitian dancing and singing. Performers take to the stage every night during the 16-day festival to put on exciting shows. Book Tahiti accommodation and flight packages in early to mid-July to check out Heiva i Tahiti.

Tahiti Pearl Regatta

The annual Tahiti Pearl Regatta is a major event and an exciting time to book Tahiti packages. During the Regatta, sailboats make their way through a series of courses between the islands of Raiatea, Bora Bora, and Taha’a. The Regatta takes place over five days, and each evening, visitors can attend dinner and drinks events back onshore. If you’re a keen sailor, you might even consider renting a boat and entering the Regatta yourself. Check out Tahiti holiday packages for travel in early May to see the Tahiti Pearl Regatta.

Uru Festival

Each year, the Uru Festival celebrates the 35 varieties of breadfruit – a large fruit similar to jackfruit that’s a staple in Polynesian cuisine. Learn about the local importance of breadfruit and try lots of delicious dishes by booking Tahiti holiday packages for during the festival. Breadfruit can be found in all different types of Tahitian cuisine, such as creamy dips, fritters, seafood dishes, cookies, and even beer. Book your Tahiti packages for early March to discover why breadfruit is so popular in Polynesia.

What is the cost of visiting Tahiti?

There are several costs to take into account when you book Tahiti holiday packages. First up is a hotel. By booking Tahiti accommodation and flight packages with Webjet, the cost of your flight and hotel will be bundled together - meaning you’ll have more money in your budget to spend while you’re away. On average, hotel and accommodation in Tahiti costs around $200 to $250 NZD per night. High-end offerings and more budget-friendly options are available too. 

Cars are the best way to get around the island while travelling with Tahiti packages. Taxis are widely available and typically cost about 150 Polynesian francs ($2.25 NZD) for each kilometre travelled. Another option is to rent a car to get from one spot to the next. After booking your hotel and accommodation in Tahiti, browse the rental cars available through Webjet. A compact car starts from about $40 NZD per day.

Tahiti is teeming with fun activities to enjoy. Several attractions are free, such as the beaches, waterfalls, and rainforest walks, while others need to be factored into your budget. Learn more about the island by visiting the Musée de Tahiti et des Îles while holidaying on Tahiti packages. Tickets cost 600 francs ($9 NZD). You could also explore the neighbouring island of Moorea while visiting French Polynesia on Tahiti accommodation and flight packages. Ferries depart regularly from Papeete and cost 1,500 francs ($22.50 NZD) each way. Finally, snorkelling is a must-do activity for many people travelling on Tahiti holiday packages. Guided snorkelling tours vary in price but typically cost between $150 and $200 NZD.