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What are the best places to stay in Thailand?


The Thai capital is the place to be for non-stop excitement when booking Thailand holiday packages. Bangkok has something to offer all types of travellers: history, beautiful architecture, cultural attractions, nightlife, shopping, and an incredible food scene. Must-dos include the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, local markets, bar hopping on Khao San Road, and grabbing a bite from street food vendors. Bangkok also makes it a great jump-off point for visiting more places around the country. Look into Thailand packages starting in Bangkok, then hop on a domestic flight to explore another part of the country.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in the northern Thailand highlands. It’s the perfect base for travellers looking for a slower pace and plenty of nature after booking Thailand holiday packages. The wide variety of temples, museums, and historical attractions have led Chiang Mai to be considered Thailand’s cultural capital. Popular things to do include Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon and Wat Phra Singh. The city is also a stone’s throw away from popular areas like Doi Inthanon National Park and Mae Sa Valley, making it a good base for day trips while holidaying on Thailand packages.


Is spending time at the beach at the top of your Thai bucket list? Consider reserving a hotel in Phuket when exploring Thailand holiday packages. Picture-perfect beaches surround Phuket where you can snorkel and enjoy other water sports. Phuket is also well-connected by ferries and day tours to the Thai islands, including the popular Phi Phi Islands. There’s plenty to see and do back on land as well, such as Phuket’s Big Buddha, Wat Chalong, the colourful Old Town, and bustling Bangla Road.

What is the cost of visiting Thailand?

The cost of hotel and accommodation in Thailand varies based on the level of luxury you’re after and which part of the country you’re visiting. Four-star hotels and accommodation in Thailand’s major cities and tourist areas average about $70 to $85 NZD per night. However, you can save even more by bundling your hotel and flights with Webjet’s Thailand holiday packages. Are you looking to head off the beaten path or stick to a tight budget? Travellers holidaying on Thailand packages can make the most of accommodation options as low as $10 NZD.

Catching cheap domestic flights is the best way to explore Thailand’s different regions. Flights often cost between $50 and $100 NZD, and you’ll find the lowest rates flying in or out of Bangkok’s hub airports.

Also budget for ground transportation after booking Thailand accommodation and flight packages. Public transport costs vary by city, but a single bus fare is often 9 or 10 baht (42 or 47 cents NZD). Taxis and tuk tuks are the most convenient way to explore a city or travel from the airport to your hotel and accommodation in Thailand. Taxis have a base fare of about 35 baht ($1.65 NZD), then cost about 2 baht (10 cents NZD) for each kilometre. Tuk tuks are slightly pricier, with base fares often starting at 50 baht ($2.35 NZD) and an additional cost of 5 baht (25 cents NZD) per kilometre.

Each city and region is teeming with exciting things to see and do while holidaying on Thailand packages. Top Bangkok attractions are Grand Palace and Wat Arun, which charge entrance fees of 500 baht ($23.50 NZD) and 50 baht ($2.35 NZD) respectively. Snorkelling is a must-do if you’re hoping to visit Phuket, Krabi, or other islands with your Thailand holiday packages. A full-day tour typically costs around 2,500 to 3,500 baht ($117.60 to $164.65 NZD). Heading up north to the Thai highlands? Spend a day at Doi Inthanon National Park where there’s an entrance fee of 300 baht ($14.10 NZD).

What are the dos and don’ts of visiting Thailand?

Do haggle at the markets

Start practicing your haggling skills after booking Thailand accommodation and flight packages, then put them to use at the local markets. Vendors in Thailand expect shoppers to haggle.

Don’t point with your index finger

Avoid gesturing with your index finger while holidaying on Thailand packages. It’s considered a rude gesture in Thailand and may offend locals. Draw attention to something by nodding in its direction or gesturing with an open palm instead.

Do be respectful of the monarchy

Thailand’s monarchy has long been held in high regard. Avoid talking about the royal family or politics while holidaying on Thai accommodation and flight packages.