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What are the UK’s most famous landmarks and monuments?

Tower of London

Take a step back into Medieval London at the Tower of London. It dates back to the 11th century when it was built under the rule of William the Conqueror. The Tower of London has taken on multiple roles over time – a fortress, a royal residence, and a prison. Legends and ghost stories surround the Tower of London due to the number of executions that took place during the Middle Ages, most notably Henry VIII’s second wife Anne Boleyn. Book onto a tour of the Tower of London while holidaying on UK packages to see the Medieval Palace, Bloody Tower, and the famous Crown Jewels.


Journey into southwest England while holidaying on UK packages to see one of the world’s most mysterious landmarks. Stonehenge is a ring of stones that reach about four metres (13 feet) tall. Experts believe it was constructed between 3000 and 2000 BC, and suspect it was used for religious ceremonies and burials. Stonehenge is impressive all year round, but you’ll witness it as its most special by booking UK holiday packages during the summer or winter solstice. Sunrise and sunset line up with the monument, and the barriers that normally keep visitors back from the rocks are removed.

Loch Ness

Are you looking to explore Britain’s rugged side? Plan to visit Scotland when you book UK accommodation and flight packages. There are dozens of lochs (Gaelic for “lakes”) in the Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness is one of the most famous. You’ve likely heard stories about Nessie – a legendary monster that dwells in the lake. Try your luck at spotting Nessie and take in the scenery of Loch Ness on a cruise. There are also several attractions around the lake to see when you book UK holiday packages, such as Urquhart Castle and Fort Augustus.

What’s on in the UK?

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The world’s largest arts festival hits Edinburgh each summer and is an exciting time to visit Scotland on UK holiday packages. The event spans three weeks and features performances in multiple venues across Edinburgh. No matter what type of performances you’re into, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the extensive program. You can watch stand-up comedy, theatre, live music, cabaret, circus acts, and dance as well as visual art exhibits. Look into August UK packages to attend the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Glastonbury Festival

There’s no better time for live music fans to book UK accommodation and flight packages than during the world-famous Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury always includes an exciting line-up of musicians; everyone from the Rolling Stones to Ed Sheeran to Beyonce has graced the Glastonbury stage. Music is the main draw to the five-day festival, but there are also other aspects to look forward to like comedy and theatre. Head to southwest England with UK packages in late June to attend Glastonbury Festival.

Notting Hill Carnival

Caribbean culture takes to the streets of Kensington and Notting Hill in London for a couple days in late summer. Notting Hill Carnival is one of the world’s largest street festivals and is loved for its celebration of Caribbean cultures. Festival-goers don traditional or brightly coloured clothing, parades make their way through West London, local musicians perform, and street vendors serve authentic Caribbean food. Lock in hotel and accommodation in the UK’s capital in late August for Notting Hill Carnival.

When is the best time to visit the UK?

Specific weather varies by region, but summer is the best time to travel on UK holiday packages. Temperatures are at their warmest, averaging about 23°C in the south and 18°C up north during the day. There are plenty of events and festivals to enjoy by booking summer UK packages, and it’s also the best time to visit the coast. Plan ahead when booking your hotel and accommodation in the UK as summer is the high season.

Enjoy pleasant weather without the summer crowds by booking UK accommodation and flight packages for a spring or autumn holiday. Daytime temperatures often fall between 12° to 17°C in the south and 9° to 13°C in northern Britain. Colourful spring blooms and autumn foliage also make these great times to visit spots in the UK countryside like the Scottish Highlands, the Cotswolds, and Snowdonia National Park.

Winter gets cool and grey, with average daytime temperatures of 5° to 9°C down south and 1° to 6°C up north. Winter is rainier than other seasons, and snow is common, particularly in northern areas. However, winter is the low season to book UK holiday packages, so you’ll find the best deals on hotels and accommodation in the UK. The exception is Christmas and New Year’s when Britain’s major cities welcome large crowds for Christmas markets and festive events.