Escape to Samoa with cheap holiday packages to Apia

What are the best things to do in Apia?

To-Sua Ocean Trench

To-Sua Ocean Trench is located in the southeastern corner of Upolu Island, and it makes an excellent day trip for anyone holidaying on Apia packages. To-Sua is the largest in a series of protected tide pools and blowholes that were formed by eroding lava fields. Venture down a cliffside path, then climb down a ladder to the sunken To-Sua lagoon. The bright blue lagoon is perfectly safe for swimming and provides an unforgettable experience for visitors holidaying on Apia accommodation and flight packages. After spending some time at the trench, head to the colourful gardens next door for a relaxing picnic overlooking the ocean.

Sopoaga Falls

Sopoaga Falls is one of the many gorgeous waterfalls to see while visiting Samoa with Apia holiday packages. The waterfall is located in the southeast of the island, not far from the To-Sua Ocean Trench. A path winds its way through a garden of native plants and trees and leads to a viewpoint over Sopoaga Falls. Visitors holidaying on Apia packages can also see a live coconut husking demonstration on-site and enjoy some fresh coconut water while wandering through the gardens.

Palolo Deep Marine Reserve

Snorkelling and diving are must-do activities for many travellers who book Apia holiday packages. Palolo Deep Marine Reserve is located directly offshore from Apia and offers some of the best snorkelling and diving in all of Samoa. Rent some gear and swim out over shallow coral reefs. About 90 metres from the beach, Palolo Deep drops off into a spectacular natural aquarium that’s home to a diverse range of tropical coral, fish, sea turtles, and other marine animals. Plan your visit to Palolo Deep Marine Reserve during high tide, otherwise the 90-metre swim out will be too shallow.


What should I know before visiting Apia?

Cash is king

Always try to have some cash handy while visiting Samoa with Apia packages. Some larger shops and restaurants accept debit and credit cards, but most small vendors you come across, such as market stalls and independent cafes, only take cash. The local currency in Samoa is the tala, with $1 NZD being equal to about 1.80 tala. Plan to change some money before travelling on your Apia holiday packages, or visit the currency exchange after landing at Faleolo International Airport.

Plan your restaurant visits

The majority of restaurants in Samoa are closed on Sundays and may also close for several hours in the afternoon. Plan to grab lunch right around midday to avoid a mid-afternoon search for an open restaurant. It’s also a good idea to be aware of opening hours if there are specific restaurants you’re hoping to visit while holidaying on Apia packages.

Stay in a fale for the ultimate Samoa experience

Fales are traditional buildings that you can stay in while visiting Samoa with Apia packages. These thatched cottages are often located right on the beach. Several hotels and accommodations in Apia and the surrounding towns offer fale rooms, and some are available to book through Webjet.

When is the best time to visit Apia?

Samoa has a tropical climate to plan around when booking Apia accommodation and flight packages. There’s a wet season that lasts from November to April and a dry season between May and October.

Come prepared for humidity, temperatures of about 31°C and regular rainfall when you book Apia holiday packages during the wet season. There’s also the possibility of tropical typhoons. It doesn’t rain every day during the wet season, so chances are you’ll still be able to spend time outdoors and on the beach after booking a hotel and accommodation in Apia during this period. However, when it rains, it tends to be heavy and last several hours at a time, so have some indoor activities planned as back-up.

Have a look at Apia holiday packages during the dry season if you’re hoping to enjoy Samoa to the fullest. Activities to enjoy during the dry season are endless – snorkelling, hiking, and beach-hopping. Daytime temperatures range from about 27° to 29°C, and a cool breeze blows over the islands at night. Although the dry season gets a lot less rain than the wet season, there’s still a possibility of showers – it is the tropics after all. Also note that the dry season is the most popular time to travel on Apia accommodation and flight packages. Samoa still tends to fly under the radar for many travellers and doesn’t experience the same tourism volumes as many other Pacific islands, but it’s a good idea to book your hotel and accommodation in Apia early to make sure your lodging of choice doesn’t fill up.